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Dear Families,

 I am writing to update you on the current situation in school as the government has taken the decision to close schools across England from Friday 20th March, except for children of key workers and vulnerable pupils.

 We are providing opportunities for home learning and have put together a package of resources that are accessible from home.

 Online Learning

Our website currently details links for home learning, including resources to support basic maths skills (maths passports) and Purple Mash, our online learning resource.

 The link for this page can be found here:

 The main method of online home learning will be through Purple Mash (link on website), pupils will be given or sent their login and passwords. From Monday, teachers will be using Purple Mash to upload and review learning activities on a daily basis. These activities will link to English, Maths and Theme based subjects and can be completed in one session or over a number of days. Teachers will be able to view and comment on some of the children's learning and will also monitor the use of Purple Mash.

Teachers will also be sending a weekly group email to parents to outline planned learning.



 Another online resource that we as teachers use is twinkl. They are offering a free subscription for parents. Simply click on the link and use the code below to access this. and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

This site also has a parent's hub, this can be found here:

All of these resources are available either on desktop computers, laptops or tablets.

We understand that some families will not have access to online learning, therefore if you contact the office on we are able to provide some packs for learning, however these will be limited to those who do not have access to computers/laptops/tablets.


Expectations of Home Learning

We continue to expect that pupils all read everyday, this should be with an adult

  • Pupils should also continue to practise their maths skills using the maths passports
  • We strongly recommend that pupils spend no more than 1 hour on console games a day
  • We also recommend that children continue to have a daily routine; this will support with learning and also behaviour management at home. Below we have outlined suggestions for a daily routine. This could run broadly in line with the current school day, 9am – 3pm



Play based learning - role play, plasticine/salt dough.

Daily reading - 2/3 picture books through the day - repetition is good

Puzzles and games

Imaginative play - this would be with toys or objects

Drawing/colouring - this will help with hand strength

It would be good if parents could keep a record of activities completed - parents can also use tapestry to share children's learning.



Purple Mash activities in the morning

Reading 2/3 picture books through the day - repetition is good

Maths passport practise 15 minutes

Puzzles and games

Imaginative play - this would be with toys or objects

Drawing/colouring - this will help with hand strength




Purple Mash activities in the morning

Reading for minimum of 30 minutes (together with an adult and reading to an adult) - see home learning guidelines for each year group

Practise maths passports 20 minutes a day

Write a diary or other text - this could be a fictional diary, it could also be illustrated.

Play is also important for older children. This should not be online or computer based. Imaginative play with siblings, jigsaws, board games or puzzles are good examples.

Build a model - Lego or from junk/recycling (clean and safe items)



Other activities important to support learning:

 Cooking  - understanding about food, measures and following recipes

Telling the time - link to your daily schedule

We have also included an example schedule you may want to follow/adapt with your child(ren).



Please note as part of our duty for safeguarding parents should ensure that they supervise any online activity at all times;  ensuring children are on age appropriate sites and that they understand about how to be safe online. Advice for parents can be found on the school website here:


As the situation continues to develop we will regularly update families, please ensure that the school office have an up to date phone number and email.

Many thanks and we look forward to welcoming all families back to Parkwood in the future.


Paul Thomas