Parkwood Primary School's latest OFSTED report from April 2015 stated:

  • Pupils make rapid progress in mathematics across the school and their attainment is high. This is because teaching is outstanding and ensures that pupils apply their skills and so deepen their understanding of number.
  • Pupils make rapid progress in their understanding of letters and sounds in the early years and at Key Stage 1.
  • Provision for children in the early years is highly stimulating. This enables them to make rapid gains in their learning and language development.
  • The school's values, such as democracy and individual liberty, help pupils understand their role in British society.
  • The school accurately identifies the learning needs of its pupils where they have potential barriers slowing their progress. This enables it to focus support and resources, such as the pupil premium, to ensure they achieve as well as other pupils.
  • Behaviour is good, helping to make the school calm and harmonious. Pupils try hard at all times to live the Parkwood values of mutual respect and tolerance of others.
  • Pupils enjoy school and their learning. They are well motivated, work hard and are very keen to learn. This generates a real sense of purpose in classrooms.
  • Pupils say they feel safe because they know the site is secure and adults continually keep an eye out for any risks.

Here you can find a link to the Ofsted website and a full PDF of the latest report.

Ofsted website link for Parkwood school.